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The History of Activate [Infographic]

Activate is Iterable’s baby—our pride and joy. With Activate Summit around the corner, we’re feeling nostalgic. We’ve been hosting Activate for the past five years and in those five years the conference has evolved drastically. From the content covered to the branding, Activate Summit has come a long way.

To give you a sense of everything we’ve accomplished over the years, here are just a few of our favorite moments:

  • Keynotes from Disney, Netflix, and comedian Nicole Byer
  • Sessions from NBC, SeatGeek, Strava, Ritual, Stitcher, and Evernote
  • A unique virtual conference on Activate Island
  • Taking Activate global with trips to London and recorded sessions from across the globe

But again, this is just a handful of everything we’ve offered at Activate over the years. To convey this entire evolution visually, we’ve compiled the below infographic. So take a walk down memory lane as you scroll through the Activates of yore.

Oh, and don’t forget to join us at Activate Summit this year to become a part of history. If you’re not already registered, get to it! 

History of Activate

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