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The Essential Guide to Making Your Marketing Recession-Proof

Times are changing. The economic climate isn’t what it used to be. Sure, it’ll bounce back, but with these ebbs and flows, brands need to be flexible and adapt to their environments. To help your brand succeed now and in the future, we’ve compiled a whitepaper full of tips and tricks to make your marketing recession-proof.

This whitepaper features four steps for recession-proof marketing:

  1. Consolidating your martech stack. Sure, you have to spend money to make money, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy every tool under the sun.
  2. Streamlining cross-channel communications. Your marketing channels are invaluable and will only appreciate in value once they are streamlined.
  3. Activating zero-and first-party data. Zero- and first-party data is crucial for creating personalized experiences and, in the long-run, loyalty. Brands need to create methods for continuously collecting and activating customer data.
  4. Automating and experimenting. To combat wasting valuable time (after all, time is money), your brand should focus on automating and experimentation to improve efficiency.

For a little sneak peek of this whitepaper, we’re going to dive into the first step, which focuses on tech consolidation.

To get all of our recession-proof marketing tips, be sure to download the full whitepaper.

Consolidate Your Martech Stack

The average enterprise uses upwards of 120 marketing tools. That’s a lot.

Many of these tools are legacy platforms that are limited in capabilities, difficult to use, time-consuming to use, and don’t integrate well with others. Oh, and they’re often expensive. Over time, teams tend to continue identifying needs as they scale, but the speed of growth overwhelms the ability to sit there and sift through the literal thousands of tools that might help.

By the end, we’re often left with a jumbled stack of technologies that require a significant amount of time to manage—from working with different partner ecosystems down to the simple fact that you have to log in to all of them!

To consolidate and integrate your stack into something more manageable, you need somewhere to start.

Consolidation for Tech Stack Optimization

When beginning to consolidate your tech stack, it’s important to first determine where you’re spending your money (and time) and if those resources are going to the right things.

You can’t make much progress without first identifying your toolset as it stands. But that’s not where the process ends. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Identify what tools you’re using
  2. Determine what you actually need
  3. Trim the fat

In particular, you can bring orchestration (campaign design and execution), targeting (centralizing data for segmentation), and insights (your analytics) into one platform. These pieces can often be spread across a half dozen platforms at least, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

The difficulty for campaign execution and overall team efficiency comes when working with limited solution platforms (eg. a different platform each for orchestration, targeting, and insights). It’s more cost efficient and easier to manage when moving everything to one platform for cross-channel campaign orchestration, targeted segmentation, and the analytics to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Modern customer communication platforms like Iterable bring all of this into one tool so you can consolidate your stack for easier, more efficient execution.

Why Buy the Cow…

Okay, okay. We can’t give away all of our secrets here—that’s what the whitepaper is for. Believe it or not, in the whitepaper we dive even further into tech consolidation plus we share extensive tips for cross-channel communications, zero- and first-party data, and automation and experimentation.

Not only that, we include customer success stories for each step so you can see how these tips have been applied in real-life scenarios. The brands featured include Georgia Aquarium, Joybird, Secret Escapes, and more.

What are you waiting for? Download the whitepaper today to get all of your recession-proof marketing tips.

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