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How to Send Bulk Emails With Mautic in 5 Minutes (2021)

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For bulk email, you have to either buy premium software or rely on limited email numbers. I have been searching for a better solution but couldn’t find one. But then I discovered a brilliant way to send bulk emails with the Mautic marketing application. 

In this tutorial, I’ll help you understand what Mautic is and how you can use it to send unlimited emails for almost free. You’ll also get to know how to send bulk emails without spamming your subscribers. Sounds fair? Let’s get started right now. 

What is Mautic

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation app used for content management, social media, and email marketing. The best thing about the application is that you can integrate it with third-party applications as well. 

It means you’ll have a lot more functionality with traditional automation tools to send bulk emails. Furthermore, Mautic has a brilliant community online. It’s important because you’ll have more people help you solve a particular problem. Mautic defines itself as,

“Marketing Automation is a platform for saving time, eliminating errors, and improving efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.”

Have a look at this video created by Mautic to better understand the application. 

Mautic’s Email Delivery

Mautic delivers emails using the method defined by you. You’ll need to add the email protocol for your website to use the services. The platform integrates with all the major email services like Gmail, Sendgrid, Sendmail, and more. 

You can send emails immediately or queue them for sending in batches with the help of cron jobs. If you’re serious about sending the bulk emails, sending them in batches is better than immediately.

Also, sending emails immediately slows down the Mautic’s response time for making a connection with a remote email service. You should also confirm the PHP’s limit to send the bulk emails. Set up a cron job using this command in your hosting.

php /path/to/mautic/bin/console mautic:email:process --env=prod

With MailChimp or Sendy, you’ll have to pay a lot of bucks per month to send bulk emails. But with Mautic, you can send bulk emails for almost free.

All you have to do is connect your Mautic account with an SMTP server. Let me tell you how to do it in detail. 

How to Send Bulk Emails with Mautic in 2021

To send bulk emails with Mautic, you need to install it first.

So here’s what you do to set Mautic up:

1. Download the latest version of Mautic

2. Put the downloaded Mautic file into your remote directory using your FTP client and unzip it.

3. Make sure a new MySQL database is created, along with a new database, and then a user is assigned all permissions.

create database using mautic

4. Visit the Mautic Installation URL and follow the Mautic Installation Wizard instructions.

You can, however, try the Mautic hosted platform if you don’t have a server. You can try it for free and then buy it if you like it. 

Anyway, now is the time to connect the SMTP with Mautic, add an email list to it, and start sending bulk emails. Here’s how you do it.

1. Connect SMTP with Mautic to Send Bulk Emails

If you want to send bulk emails with Mautic, you need to connect it with an SMTP server. Here’s how you do it:

1. Log into your Mautic application account

2. Go to the dashboard and click on the top-right ‘setting’ icon

3. Choose the configuration section there

4. Hover over to ‘Email Settings’ now

email setting on mautic

5. Choose the ‘Service to send email through’ option. I have chosen Office 365 to send bulk emails. Check out my step-by-step video if you also want to go for it:

Or you can set up an email marketing solution on Amazon SES. I’ve created this course to help you get started there as well. 

6. Now, enter your SMTP’s info like Host, Port, username, and password.

connect smtp on mautic

7. Test the connection now using the green button given on the right side. 

Congratulations. You have successfully connected your SMTP to the Mautic marketing application. Now is the time to add your email list to Mautic.  

2. Add Email List to Mautic

Adding your email list to Mautic is straightforward. All you need is to go to the dashboard and create your email list. 

1. Choose the “Segments” on the left bar. And then click on “New” to create a new segment of your email list.

segments on mautic

2. Name your email list now and set the alias for it just like given below. 

save your segment on mautic

3. Your “public segment” and “published” status should be yes. Ans save your segment now. 

public segment on mautic

4. Import your contacts using .csv file and click on ‘upload’ now

install contacts on mautic

If the upload is successful, you’re ready to go for creating a bulk email campaign now. 

3. Create Bulk Campaign

1. Go to ‘Emails’ in the left bar of your Mautic dashboard. Choose the ‘New’ button given to the right. And opt for ‘New Segment Email’. 

send bulk emails with mautic

2. Choose from the templates or create them using HTML codes. What I like about Mautic is that it also offers templates, just like the premium email software. You can also go to ‘Builder’ to customize your email on the go. 

send bulk emails with mautic

3. Go to “Emails” again and click on the ‘down-arrow button of your email list.

email list on mautic

You’ll have a drop-down list now. Choose ‘Send’ to send email to bulk addresses.

4. Schedule Your Campaign

Yes, you cannot only send emails to bulk addresses but also schedule your campaign on Mautic. For that, you need to go to ‘Emails’ and choose templates. And then hover over to the right side of your dashboard and change ‘Publish at’ date and time. 

schedule emails on mautic

And boom! But wait, you need to set your timezone first. It’s because Mautic may use another timezone, which you may not be interested in sending an email at. The last step you need to take is to schedule a cron job. 

schedule emails on mautic

Woah! You have created your system to send bulk emails using Mautic. Let’s summarize the tutorial now.

Conclusion: How to Send Bulk Emails With Mautic

Too long, didn’t read? Here’s the video I’ve created to help you get started with sending bulk emails via Mautic. 

Mautic helps you send bulk emails with almost no extra cost every month. All you need is hosting and domain. You may also need an SMTP server. For that, you can choose Postal, Office 365 or Amazon SES.

When everything is up and running, follow these steps:

1. Install Mautic

2. Connect your SMTP to Mautic

3. Add email list in Mautic

4. Start sending bulk emails using Mautic

And that’s just it! Now you don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money every month for any software. Let me know in the comments below if you like this tutorial right now.

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