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How to Grow Quora Traffic Over 25K Views with Only 9 Answers

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Hi Everyone, today I would like to share my personal Quora traffic hack in this blog post. I had grown Quora content views over 25K within four months with only nine answers. You may be questioning how I can grow my Quora content views so fast within a short time. Even though with only nine answers, as shown in the picture below.

Quora traffic hack how to get view on Quora

Actually, I was not too active in answering questions on Quora. I myself only answer nine questions to achieve over 25K Quora views on my profile. However, some of you may not know yet why growing your Quora content views will benefit you. Let me explain it to you.

How to get more views on quora

Having big content views like above 25K on your Quora profile can build trust amongst the Quora community. When people read your answer, they may check your Quora profile to see your background and credibility.

One of the biggest factors that will build trust in your answer is your Quora content view stat. It’s like an authority metric on your Quora profile. When you have content views over 25K, people will have more trust in your answer. They will start following you and checking out your profile. Hence, they will be more likely to click link recommendations on your answers.

Please kindly note that you need to optimize your Quora profile also by adding your credential. Because every time you put an answer, your short credential will be shown to Quora reader. For example, you can mention your job, experience, or expertise. Keep it short and straightforward, so people will know that you’re the right person to hear when seeking answers. It’s a good practice to craft your Quora profile to look professional.

Credential profile

Quora Traffic Hack: How to Grow Quora Content View

Okay, let’s back to the main topic about my Quora traffic hack. I implemented four strategies to grow my Quora content view over 25K with only nine answers within four months. So, here are the strategies that I implement to growth hack my Quora views.

Strategy 1: Answering Quora Recent Questions

The first strategy is to answer the latest questions on Quora. Why do we need to target the latest questions? It’s because you will have a higher chance of getting an eyeball instead of answering questions with 100+ answers. The new questions’ competition is low compared to old questions, which have more than 100 answers. You will need to collect many upvotes to rank up your answers.

The question is, how do you find the latest questions to answer?

Simply just type and enter any topic that you want to answer on the Quora search box. For example, let’s say you will search questions about the Affiliate Marketing topic. Then sort the time to past days or past weeks to get the latest questions people asked.

Quora recent questions

Answering the newest questions has a higher opportunity for you. It’s because you can rank your answer easily due to the low competition on the number of answers.

The second strategy you can use to get more views is by answering popular questions with high weekly views. You may be wondering how to find that kind of question with a high amount of weekly views.

We will use Quora ads manager free feature to get the data. You can access the Quora ads manager on your Quora profile. Then, create a new campaign. On the next page, you will be prompted to the campaign page, which requests you input conversion event, objective, and daily budget.

After that, click continue. On the ad set page, choose “contextual targeting” as your primary targeting and choose “Questions.”

Ads manager

You will see a targeted question box appeared, then click “bulk add.” Here you can search any questions for any keyword related to the niche/topic you want to answer. For example, let’s say you want to find questions about make money online. Here the questions are shown with weekly data, as can be seen from the picture below.

Most viewed questions on quora

Base on the picture above, you can see that question, “what’s the easiest way to make money online?
Getting 3000-3500 weekly views. If we check the question, it has 11.8K followers with a number of answers above 100.

Even though you don’t have a chance to rank your answer, the follower of this question is 11.8K, which means every time we add new answers. All the followers of this question will receive emails notification from Quora. Due to the fact that the followers are interested in this question, some of them will come to check your answers. Hence you will get extra eyeballs even from the most popular question, which is hard to rank.

This method is so powerful to find questions with high weekly views on Quora because it’s free.  You will use Quora internal data to get the weekly views insight without investing in SEO-paid tools such as SEM Rush and Ahrefs. The weekly views data provided by Quora are the results of the incoming traffic from Google SEO and internal traffic from Quora itself. You may be lucky to find other questions with high weekly views but only have few answers, which is great for ranking your answer and getting more views.

Strategy 3: Answering Question with Ratio Answer to Follower 1:7

This third strategy will give you an idea what is the ideal ratio between followers and answers. The good ratio will be 7:1, which means seven followers for every answer. This way, we can assure that the questions still has a great potential to rank our answer.

Here the example of good questions with ratio answer to follower 1:21, which is really great.

Quora questions with most followers

The idea here is to have a benchmark number of the ideal ratio that you can aim for when answering Quora’s question. You don’t have to strict with this rule. In some cases, you will find a smaller ratio such as 5:1, which is still considered good to answer this question.

But answering questions with ratio followers to answer 1:1 or 1:2 will not be a good idea, especially if the answer is already old (usually having a decent number of followers and answers). So, kindly make an exception to this rule when answering new questions in which there is not enough data yet on both followers and the number of answers. You can just straight answer new questions without worrying too much about the ratio rule.

If you see a question with a high follower with fewer answers with a 7:1 ratio. In that case, it’s a good question to be answered rather than answering questions with 100+ answers. Your chance to rank will be really low unless you have quality and different answers than the others.

The last strategy that I used to hijack my Quora views is by sharing my answer to related Quora Space. I could say this method is the biggest contribution in increasing my Quora content views as you can see from my Quora stats at the beginning of this blog post, there is a huge spike in views on a certain period of time as the results of sharing the answer to related Quora space

Sharing your answer to related Quora space means you will show your answers directly to many followers from the Quora space. Thus, you will instantly get many eyeballs from the Quora space’s followers, and it’s free.

If your answer was accepted on the big Quora space, which has around 100K+ followers, you could boost your views significantly. The higher the number of the Quora space’s followers, the more audience will see your answers. So, you can try to share your answer on different Quora space which has medium to large followers to growth hack your views on Quora.

The only downside of using this method is that you need to wait for approval from the Quora space moderator to accept your shared answers. It may take some time since some moderator will check your answer first before your submission being accepted.

Answer submission accepted

This method is leveraging other people’s Quora space to hijack eyeballs to our answers. It’s also good to start building your own space and growing the audience on your Quora space since you will have more control over your own Quora space.

BONUS TIP: Installing Q-Stats Chrome Extension to Get Free Quora Marketing Insight

Here is a special tip that I would like to share for H-Educate blog readers. You can install a free chrome extension called Q-Stats. This app will give you marketing insights for every question on Quora for free.

Quora Q-Stat

Q-Stats will give you information about the question stat, such as average monthly views, number of answers, followers, and number of topics related to the answers. Here a short explanation of each stat to determine the ranking opportunity score on Q-Stats.

  • The average monthly views become a primary indicator of how relevant the questions to date, whether people are still actively looking for the answer for that specific question or not.
  • The number of answers will determine the chance to rank your answers. Your chance to rank will become slimmer if you see an answer with more than 100 answers.
  • Followers will give you the information on how many people will be interested in knowing the answer to the specific question. As I have explained, when you answer questions with a high number of followers, they will get notifications of new answers, and some of them will come to check your answer and upvote your answer, which can be one of the ranking factors
  • The number of related topics will give you information on how many topics are related to this question. The more related topics mean the higher chance to show up in other feeds.

The Q-Stats primary calculation to determine the opportunity ranking will be the average monthly views and the number of answers. Meanwhile, the secondary calculation will be followers and the number of related topics.

The opportunity ranking score will summarize the overall score of the specific question from 1-5 stars. It will help you decide whether the questions can rank high on Quora. The higher the star rating, the higher the opportunity to rank your answer. Well, I think that’s all from my side regarding my Quora traffic hack that helps me grow my Quora content views over 25K within four months with only nine answers. Implementing all the strategies above will help to grow your Quora content views faster.

Quora Traffic Results: How About Your Website Traffic?

If you ask me how much traffic I get to my own blog Ebiz Strategic after implementing this strategy. Unfortunately, I didn’t drive too much traffic because I didn’t link to my blog because I was strict to the rule that every five questioned answers, I can only put one link on my answers. In my cases, I only put one link to my blog from nine answers because I want to put value first into the Quora community. If you want to focus on driving traffic to your site from Quora, you can read this article.

The good thing is when using this strategy to grow my content views, I could earn my first affiliate sale from Quora without having to answer a lot of questions. You can read my story about how I earn my first affiliate sale. I myself treat my Quora profile as my landing page, where I put all my blog links and divided them into different categories so Quora readers can choose which article they want to read when they visit my Quora profile.

Some people will come to check your Quora profile if you put the valuable answer. You can also put a footer at the end of your answer to entice the reader to check your Quora profile if they’re interested in reading more articles from you. This way, you can also get traffic to your blog and earn sales, even though not as much traffic as putting a link directly on your answer.


In a nutshell, growing your Quora content views can build your credibility in the Quora community and make people trust your answer, including your link recommendation. Those four strategies help me to grow my Quora views to reach over 25K in a short amount of time with only 9 answers (without being too active in Quora). The fourth strategy, sharing your answer to other Quora spaces, is truly the game-changer that can significantly grow your Quora content views in a short amount of time. 

I hope you enjoy my blog post about the Quora traffic hack to grow your Quora content views. Let me know if you have any questions. Kindly drop a comment below. Thank you!

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