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Power up your B2B sales and marketing with ActiveCampaign’s first account-based trigger

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In the dynamic world of B2B business, staying ahead of the competition requires efficient automation strategies and personalized customer engagement. That’s why we’re excited to introduce an automation trigger that will completely change the way you manage your accounts and automate workflows in ActiveCampaign. Say hello to the first-of-its-kind, Account Field Changes Trigger – a powerful automation trigger that empowers B2B businesses to kick off automations based on changes to any account fields. 

How does this automation trigger work?

Marketers and sellers alike can use the Account Field Changes trigger to automatically kick off a number of workflows and personalize communications at scale based on changes to any account fields. 

Whether you’d like to get a notification when a contact associated with an account’s lead score meets a specific threshold, or send a message to an account decision maker when you get new contact information– This trigger empowers you to reach targeted account contacts at the right time. Improving overall account-based processes and outreach, increasing engagement, and forging stronger and more profitable B2B relationships.

This update also streamlines the management of one-to-many relationships between accounts and contacts because you can now effortlessly add multiple contacts associated with a single  account (or deal) to your automations, enabling precise targeting and efficient engagement on a larger scale. Furthermore, this enhanced flexibility extends to automations triggered by Account or Deal field changes, allowing multiple contacts to participate, not solely the primary contact.

The Account Field Changes Trigger opens up endless possibilities:

  1. Targeted Prospecting: Send prospecting emails to contacts associated with a target account anytime you add an Account’s industry, update a primary or secondary contact’s info, or update any custom field specific to your business.
  2. Instant notifications and task assignments to sales and marketing: Assign tasks to all deals or contacts associated with an account based on any field updates that support your workflow. 
  3. Consistent Field Updates: Maintain data consistency by updating specific fields across all contacts associated with an account.
How does this trigger benefit sales teams? 
  • Unlock the power of account-based automation: Move beyond individual contacts and focus on the entire account, responding to updates with efficiency and ease. Stay on top of crucial changes effortlessly, ensuring stronger B2B customer relationships.
  • Boost sales efficiency with real-time automation: Now sales teams can take immediate action, stay updated on account changes, and engage with the right contacts at precisely the right moment. By optimizing your account-based automation strategies, you’ll streamline sales processes, enhance productivity, and achieve unprecedented revenue growth.
  • Trigger hyper-personalized sales touch points for stronger B2B relationships: Set up nurture flows triggered by account status or target industry changes, automate sales notifications for favorable lead scores, and assign tasks for swift action on new phone numbers or emails. This trigger unleashes the full potential of personalized sales touch points to move B2B deals forward with precision and care.
How does this trigger benefit marketing teams? 
  • Precision targeting for ideal buyers: In the world of B2B marketing, strategic account targeting demands precision and personalization. With our new account field change trigger in automations and the ability to target associated contacts through a single automation, B2B marketers can now execute even more personalized communications for their high-value accounts.
  • Optimize lead management for successful conversions: Seamlessly track and respond to changes in account information, allowing you to tailor marketing efforts accordingly. Leverage this innovative feature to ensure timely and personalized interactions with leads, boosting conversion rates and achieving improved ROI.

Embrace the power of the Account Field Changes Trigger and Multi-Contact triggering based on field changes across all record types to supercharge your B2B automation strategy. Deliver exceptional experiences, optimize efficiency, and unlock new levels of growth.

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