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Our Fall Release 2023: Unlocking Marketing Innovation With Iterable

Marketing works in verbs of movement. Drive results. Run experiments. Stand out in the noise. Accelerate innovation. This happens because the target is always moving. Consumers adapt and evolve and it’s up to marketers to keep pace. 

In 2023, keeping pace means leveraging new technology to accelerate productivity and business growth. That’s why our Fall Release is tailored to pushing marketers’ ability to reach a larger audience in a more individualized way.

Experimentation to an Identified Audience

With Iterable Experiments, we’ve seen customers across industries see 45% lifts in email conversions, 15% increases in trial-to-paid conversions, and 20% lifts in clickthrough rate. Despite the impact experiments have on campaign success, many teams do not fully embrace experimentation because they can take significant time and resources to build and deploy properly. 

But, the reality of consumers is that not everything will work for everyone, so a uniform message without any variability or iteration will miss a portion of your audience that could otherwise be converted. 

Beyond the execution of an experiment, you have to know who you’re marketing to, which can be challenging when customers might be browsing your site without logging in or when considering the fact that the average website has 97-98% anonymous visitors. That’s why we’re introducing the Iterable Identity Toolkit to help marketers effectively capture, unify, and manage customer identity, whether they are anonymous or known.

With our Fall Release we set out to make the pace and precision of executing experiments easier, as well as provide ways to more efficiently manage customer profile data. Here’s how. 

After you’re done here, check out our What’s New page to see a bit more about these updates and our past releases as well!

The Keys to Marketing Success

Unlocking Creativity with AI

Conducting experiments at scale enables marketers to stay competitive, drive better results, and achieve long-term marketing success. 

With the addition of AI to our Experimentation setup flow, marketers can leverage Copy Assist to receive up to 10 variant options generated by AI and automate the setup process utilizing the new copy suggestions.

Iterable's generative AI feature Copy Assist

Copy Assist gives you options to generate the best copy for your audience.

Marketers can now see variations in context and set up multiple experiments in a matter of minutes, minimizing the time and effort it takes to configure and launch experiments.

Unlocking Learning

Discover what truly resonates with your audience, uncover hidden opportunities, and continuously refine your strategies to deliver maximum impact through experimentation with the new semi-automated experiment setup flow.

Through this setup flow, marketers have clearer explainability into their experimentation testing strategies—pairing that with the integration of Copy Assist for variant creation, launching new experiments is easier than ever before. Marketers now have streamlined insights and analytics in a way that promotes continuous learning and optimization at scale.

Unlock All Audiences

You can’t run experiments on users you haven’t identified! At Iterable, we’re excited to add to the set of tools we offer to manage customer identity with a robust suite called Iterable Identity Toolkit. Expanding upon the already existing capabilities to capture and unify customer data, this most recent release allows marketers to  control which anonymous users—those users who haven’t logged in or provided any identifying info—they want to send into the Iterable platform. They can then target them with specific content and eliminate data loss with automatic profile unification of both anonymous and known user profiles. 

Iterable's Anonymous User Identification Criteria Layer

It’s now easier to personalize for users who haven’t logged in or provided any identifying information.

Better audience identification means more successful experiments, more targeted messaging, and more conversions across channels.

Unlock Data Integration

Having your data in the right place makes a successful marketing campaign possible. Iterable’s extensive partner ecosystem allows data to be integrated from numerous sources to power your campaigns.

We’re excited to announce two new members of our partner ecosystem: Justuno and Extole. With these integrations, marketers will be able to increase subscriber acquisition and better leverage zero- and first-party data for more effective campaigns with advanced personalization and audience segmentation.

Moving Forward

Our Fall Release moves marketers one step closer to a more productive, targeted workflow by making experiments a breeze, audience identification a reality, and data integration simple. As marketers, our goal is to deliver deeper levels of personalization. With these new releases, that becomes possible. 
Interested in hearing about how to put these new features into practice? Check out our webinar with Rocksbox to see how their small, but mighty, team tests and experiments at scale!

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