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Delivering Joy With New AI-Powered Marketing Capabilities & Next-Gen In-App Messaging

When we started Iterable a little over 10 years ago, our goal was simple: to help companies unlock growth by transforming the way they communicate with their customers. Our vision was to build a platform that would empower modern marketers to create resonant and joyful experiences at scale, across every device and channel.

It is hard to believe how quickly time has flown since we started back in 2013! But as I reflect on the journey we’ve taken to get here, I feel immense pride in what we have accomplished: over the past decade, we transformed customer communication and have helped over 1,000 of the world’s most innovative brands build and scale personalized communications across email, mobile, social, and web channels.

Introducing the Next Generation of Iterable

While I am grateful for the last 10 years, I’m even more excited about what lies ahead. We’re now entering a new era in marketing—personalization in the age of AI— and Iterable plans to be there, empowering next-gen marketers with the capabilities they need to deliver individualized, harmonized, and dynamic communications that deliver joy.

Augmenting Modern Marketers With Expanded AI Suite

In today’s landscape, marketers are challenged to do more with less—to drive greater impact and revenue with reduced time and resources. Building off the success of our AI Suite, which catalyzes growth for marketers through explainability, simplification, and automation, we’ve continued to expand our AI offerings with a few new additions.

Our AI-powered Next Best Action feature automatically recommends audience segments, creates pre-populated copy, and quickly sets up the campaign. With the help of our generative-AI tool, Copy Assist, marketers can generate copy ideas and iterate messaging quickly, allowing marketers to create highly personalized messages faster than ever before!

We are also excited to introduce our AI-Powered Frequency Optimization feature, which will help marketers optimize the number of messages sent to each individual user, eliminating message fatigue and reducing unsubscribe rates.

“At Redfin, we face the challenge of keeping our millions of users engaged with our platform. Leveraging one of the tools in Iterable’s AI Suite, Predictive Goals, we’re able to deliver hyper-personalized experiences with ease and greater intelligence, driving results for our business and our clients. Predictive Goals has been an absolute game-changer for our team, maximizing our efficiencies and accelerating time to value. We’ve seen the tangible benefits of AI on our business, and look forward to seeing the impact of Iterable’s new AI innovations.”

– Lisa Tulloch, Email Marketing Channel Manager at Redfin

Delivering Harmonized and Personalized Experiences With Next Generation of In-App Messaging

Today’s customers demand personalized and consistent interactions with brands across all devices and channels in real-time and at scale, and yet most brands are underutilizing their in-app experience. To help marketers meet these high customer expectations and this untapped opportunity, we’ve launched a new generation of in-app messaging featuring Embedded Messages.

Embedded Messages offers marketers the ability to create customized, native messaging that engages users where they are, while also reducing friction, mitigating unsubscribes, and increasing customer engagement through real-time eligibility.

Iterable embedded messages

Deliver non-intrusive, in-line messaging in both apps and websites with Embedded Messages.

And as part of our continued efforts to expand our channel offerings, I’m also excited to share that we’ve added Roku as an OTT channel, enabling marketers to build cohesive in-app messaging experiences across mobile, desktop, and Connected TV!

Build Faster Campaigns Your Way

Iterable is always about bringing joy to the dreamers, makers, and builders of customer experiences so in this release we made our UX more flexible and easier to use.

  • Our new one-page campaign setup allows marketers to configure campaigns in any order they want, making it easy to design, visualize, and launch compelling customer journeys.
  • With our redesigned Audience Selection Tools, marketers can target the right audience faster.
  • With quick access to our Send Time Settings, marketers can deploy campaigns with the confidence that their messages will be delivered at precisely the right time in our new and improved UX.
Iterable Campaign Modernization

With the new one-page process and updated design, creating campaigns is more flexible and efficient than ever.

Celebrating Our Journey and Looking Forward to the Future

For any business, a 10-year anniversary is an incredible milestone—a sign of resilience, momentum, and the notion that we’re solving a massive pain point. And while this is certainly all true for our company, this 10-year anniversary is a sign of what the entire Iterable community—our customers, partners, and team—can achieve when working together!

We’ve come a long way since 2013, but we’re still in the early chapters—we have so much more to do! The innovations in this release are a signal of what’s to come—another decade of innovation, creativity, collaboration and joy. We have a bright future ahead of us!

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