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How to Mine Any Cryptocurrency at Home in 2021

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Do you want to make money by using your hardware just like me? In the past 24 hours, I have made $8.22 per day using mining software. This post will let you know how to mine any cryptocurrency at home using your laptop or PC.

By the way, I have created this post about cryptomining at home in response to a suggestion posted by an H-Educate reader.

Well, I’ve used Kryptex to mine Bitcoin using the GPU Nvidia RTX 2070 and CPU Intel Core i7-8700. I have also made a video on cryptomining at home. Have a look at this:

When making this video, my hardware was making around $0.48 per day. But it has also made me around $8.22 per day, making $246 per month in total. I have added a short video about this earnings in the video as well. 

But why does it happen? Well, your mining profitability depends on:

  • Energy consumption
  • Hash rate (Computational power used per second)
  • Power settings (Never let your hardware sleep)
  • Number of problems you solve to earn Satoshi
  • Price of a cryptocurrency against mainstream currency

And more. Now you know that you cannot do as much mining as with full-fledged miners. But you can still make some money with cryptomining at home. Here’s how you do it:

How to Mine Any Cryptocurrency on Laptop or PC at Home

1. Go to and click on ‘Download Kryptex’

Download Kryptex

2. Enter your email, password and confirm that you accept the terms and conditions. 

Enter your info in Kryptex

3. Kryptex should start installing on your laptop or home computer using the setup file.

4. After the installation, sign in to your Kryptex account now

5. Wait a little bit. And you’ll see a new window from the Kryptex. If you did everything right, there will be a green circle titled ‘Working’. The screen will also show you the earnings along with consumption of CPU and GPU. 

Mine cryptocurrency with Kryptex

That’s it! You’ve installed Kryptex to mine any cryptocurrency at home. Kryptex is extremely powerful software that shows all the important details from temperature to power to fan speed. 

My cryptomining earnings with Kryptex

6. You can also turn on or off your GPU or CPU to start or stop mining respectively. I believe you should conduct a test if your CPU performs better than GPU. 

Pro-Tip: Monitor Temperature During Cryptomining

“Does mining cryptocurrency using your home computer damage its GPU or CPU?” Wonderful question indeed. If you don’t exceed the temperature limit, your GPU or CPU won’t get damaged. But why is it so?

Well, mining requires the consumption of electrical power. And more electricity usage means more temperature. Heat is dissipated into the air for every Watt of power used. For example, a mining rig that consumes 500W is the same as running a 500W heater. 

Heat during cryptomining

Makes sense now? Awesome! Let’s get to know the ideal CPU/GPU mining temperature. Ideally, it should be as low as possible. You’ll have no issue even at 80°C. But realistically, it usually should be between 60°C to 70°C. It’s because I always play on the safe side.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Test your GPU or CPU. And see which computing part performs better. Go for GPU if it makes you more money. Or else choose CPU. 

2. Monitor the temperature after you choose between CPU and GPU. But how can you monitor it? For that, you can install GPU-Z or MSI to monitor everything about your processors or graphic cards. 

GPU-Z Screenshots

3. Try to keep the temperature under 70°C. But how? You have two options; switch the resources or completely shut down your system. If your GPU is getting hot, switch the mining to CPU and vice versa. 

4. Maintain your fan because it damages faster than your GPU. Clean your fan often while mining cryptocurrency. There should be no undue friction between the hands. Always check if the fan is rotating smoothly. That’s a wonderful way to beat the heat. 

That’s how you lessen down the temperature of your hardware. Let’s get to know how you can withdraw your crypto now. 

How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency on Kryptex

What I like about Kryptex is that there are tons of methods to withdraw your cryptocurrency seamlessly. You can proceed with payouts via debit card, bitcoin, coinbase, Payoneer, PayPal, and more.

Let’s get to know how you can withdraw after you mine any cryptocurrency at home. 

1. Go to your Kryptex dashboard. And here you can see your total balance and solutions your CPU or GPU has solved. You can also view your earnings history. 

2. Click on ‘Request payment’ from the left-sidebar of your Kryptex dashboard. 

3. Choose a method to withdraw the mined cryptocurrency. 

4. Fill in the payment details to the right side of your Kryptex dashboard now. The payment details include the amount and the address. The address refers to your crypto wallet ID. In my case, I always use Coinbase. It’s one of the safest crypto exchange platform. 

You need to enter different information for a different payment gateway. For example, withdrawal through your card needs your card number, expiry date, and more.

FAQs on Mining Cryptocurrency at Home

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting questions about mining crypto at your home. 

Mine Any Cryptocurrency at Home

Can I mine cryptocurrency on my PC at home?

Mining cryptocurrency on personal computers at home is not new anymore. You can mine any cryptocurrency by using different services like Kryptex or NiceHash. I’ve earned from a few bucks to $14 per day using Kryptex, which is awesome. 

What should be the ideal temperature of GPUs during cryptomining?

There should be as low temperature of GPUs as possible during any heavy work. Most experts are okay with 80°C maximum. But I always recommend having less than 70°C temperature on your GPUs during cryptomining. 

Can mining degrade my PC?

Mining degrades your PC as much as your heavy usage. Cryptomining is not the first industry to use GPUs for processing information. Mining does not put more strain on your GPU than a AAA game with pro graphics. In short, mining doesn’t damage your hardware if done properly.

How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin on a PC?

That’s a tricky question. Isn’t it? No matter how many miners you have, it will take 72000GW of power to mine a BTC using the average power. It may be less or more depending on your computer system. Even with that much energy, it will take 10 minutes to mine a Bitcoin. 

Alternatives to Kryptex to Mine Any Cryptocurrency at Home

Kryptex is one of the safest platforms to start mining any cryptocurrency at home using your personal computer. But the world doesn’t end here. There are many other platforms as well. I chose Kryptex because of its safe payment history. 

But you can still have a look at some other trustworthy mining platforms like:

  • NiceHash
  • BetterHash
  • Computta
  • HoneyMiner

I hope you find them helpful. These different platforms have different mining strategies. Some of only rent your GPU for sharing your hash power. While others may actually use your GPU for mining.

Summary on How to Mine Any Cryptocurrency at Home

Cryptomining at home has never been easier than now. All the credit goes to technological advancements and uprisings of mining software. Now you can easily turn your laptop or PC into a mini miner for making bucks. 

Here’s how to mine any cryptocurrency at home using a laptop or PC:

  • 1. Go for reasonable hardware to solve more problems quickly (I’ve Nvidia RTX 2070).
  • 2. Choose the best mining platform and download it on your system (Kryptex, in my case).
  • 3. Run the software and start mining.
  • 4. Don’t let the temperature of your hardware go above 70°C to avoid any damage.
  • 5. Withdraw your money using Coinbase or any other payout method.

And read this post again if you have any confusion. Or else shoot your questions in the comment section or ask them out in H-Educate Forums. 

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