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Marketing Best Practices Are Bullsh*t: A Love Poem

Behold—the sorts of conversations that I want that I may have with entrepreneurs if I possessed a magic advertising technique wand:

You: “Hey, Jen! What’s the best practice for the number of touches in a re-engagement campaign?”
*Waving wand*
Me: “4.2 touches, across 3 channels.”

You: “Cool! How much ROI can I expect if I make my welcome campaign more personalized? Is there a benchmark?”
*Waving wand*
Me: “A 24.7% increase.”

You: “Alright! And what keywords can I put in a subject line to get the most opens? Is there a study?”
*Waving wand*
Me: “Snakes. Volcano. And spaghetti. Definitely use spaghetti.”

You: “Awesome! Thanks! That was easy!”

Wait! I’m simply kidding. The reality is, I don’t have a magic advertising technique wand, and there aren’t any straightforward solutions. Sorry.

But within the spirit of Valentine’s Day, pricey entrepreneurs, I supply this poem, which solutions your whole questions on advertising greatest practices—and extra. Because I really like you.

I’m sorry to say,
I’m unhappy to report,
There’s no benchmark or greatest follow that exists of that kind.

Every viewers is completely different,
Every enterprise, distinctive,
That’s why I can’t provide the solutions you search.

There’s no sure-fire plan,
No secret technique.
If you need success, then take it from me…

You gotta attempt issues out,
Just go along with your intestine.
See what works, and what doesn’t, you narrow.

There are solely two guidelines
For advertising technique:
Just preserve it authorized and give attention to relevancy.

I do know that disappoints, mi amors, however them’s the info. I get it, although. You need to know what works. What’s secure. What will assure success. Even how a lot success to anticipate.

And it’s rather a lot simpler when somebody tells you what to do, or what everybody else is doing. No one needs to be answerable for failure, however there’s hardly ever a cut-and-dry reply. And typically failure is a part of the method. Just because it’s a part of life.

We know that relevance is on the coronary heart of any profitable marketing campaign. But the small print—they’re as much as you, entrepreneurs. Sometimes your greatest judgment is all you must draw from. Don’t be afraid to go along with your intestine, observe the outcomes, and iterate and optimize from there. Use your historic knowledge to assist drive insights and selections.

And most of all, don’t really feel compelled to do as others do. Fearlessly blaze a courageous new path, associates. That’s when the true magic occurs.

Looking for some extra inspiration? Check out my session, “Best Practices Are Bullsh*t,” at Iterable’s progress advertising convention Activate, this April in San Francisco.

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