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Iterable and Snowflake: Modernizing the Marketing Stack

Your phone is buzzing. You feel the tingling in your stomach and are wondering, “Did I get the interview?” After applying to hundreds of jobs you start to feel confident as you slowly reach for your phone. You unlock your phone and the email notification expands, showing you the sender.

It’s from a hotel. They sent you a discount…on a trip you took last month. Disappointed, you open the email and unsubscribe.

This is an all too common experience. In fact, according to a recent survey published on Insider Intelligence, 85% of consumers feel that brands are not doing a good enough job driving personalization. This is not for lack of trying. As marketers, we know how important it is to connect the data we have with the audiences who would benefit the most. The inability to establish this connection is what we at Iterable call the Activation Gap.

The Activation Gap

The prominence of the Activation Gap isn’t due to a lack of data. The challenge lies in connecting the data to the activation layer, getting a 360º view of the customer, and then being able to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns launched. Forrester found that 73% of a brand’s data remains unused for activation purposes.

Deloitte also found that 68% of brands suffer from internal data silos that hinder a complete view of their customers. This forces marketers to spend more time—43% more—consolidating data than actually using it, hampering a brand’s ability to act swiftly in today’s fast-paced market and leaving the Activation Gap fully open.

Enter Iterable and Snowflake

Iterable is on a mission to close the Activation Gap and, as a result, unlock customer joy.

Iterable is built for data. Our open and flexible data environment enables marketers to actually close the Activation Gap by bringing together all of their customer data and activating it—in real time—in one platform.

Our lightning-fast segmentation tool empowers marketers to translate audience characteristics into audience lists in seconds, all from an easy-to-use interface. Marketers can then activate these lists in truly cross-channel experiences inside Studio. The result: individualized, harmonized, and dynamic communications that deliver customer joy at scale.

And, since we introduced a deeper partnership with Snowflake that automatically populates a brand’s campaign data directly on their Snowflake account, the data comes full circle—giving brands a 360º view of their customers so they can break data silos and derive business insights faster.

According to Denise Persson, Snowflake’s CMO, “Iterable emerged as a leader in the Customer Data Activation Category with joint customers leveraging its technologies to enable marketers to transform customer data into actionable insights.”

In addition to these features, our recognition as a Leader in the Data Activation category is based on:*

  • Highest Number of Shared Customers. With the Iterable and Snowflake partnership, mutual customers get access to a 360º view of their customers.
  • Number of Data Driven Insights. Iterable tops the list of platforms enabling marketers to transform customer data into actionable insights at scale.
  • Sustained Use. Marketers consistently use Iterable to close the Activation Gap and drive data-centric joyful customer experiences.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s how Glassdoor leverages the power of Iterable and Snowflake.

Glassdoor: Gaining a 360º of their customers

Built on the foundation of increasing workplace transparency, Glassdoor is a worldwide leader on insights into jobs and companies including salary information, company reviews, and interview questions.

With the Iterable and Snowflake data sharing integration, Glassdoor is closing the Activation Gap by combining campaign, business, and customer data in a secure place, tracking it in a way that protects any personally identifiable information (PII), and leveraging it to better understand users’ activities across their internal systems. With this data, Glassdoor can create more personalized, timely communications to help job-seekers decide if an opportunity is suitable, if they want to apply or keep looking, and if they then want to act to secure the job before it’s filled.

“Once we could integrate the data, and use a common identifier—our user ID—that’s when we gained a lot of value in measuring and optimizing our marketing campaigns and programs.”

-David Tjen, Director of Marketing Analytics, Glassdoor

With Iterable and Snowflake, Glassdoor makes sure that each time they message their users the messages are individualized, harmonized, and dynamic.

Looking for more info? Join us on 12/7 for a live webinar with Iterable and Snowflake about Modernizing the Marketing Stack. Register now. 

*Source: The Modern Marketing Data Stack, 2023; Snowflake. “Highest Number of Shared Customers” as defined by Snowflake. Number of Insights and Sustained Used is calculated by Snowflake as Breadth and Depth of use and Computing Consumption (spend).

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