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Income Report for March 2023 (Niche Sites)

Income report screenshot March 2023

March 2023 turned out decent.

Here’s the total niche site revenue and my expenses (does not include content investment). Note that these figures do NOT include Fat Stacks revenue or expenses.

  • Revenue: $62,891 (just Mediavine revenue… doesn’t include a few thousand in affiliate revenue from a variety of merchants).
  • Expenses: $6,950

Content investment: You must join the Fat Stacks course for this information where I break down content investment and return in extensive detail for each site in my portfolio.  FYI, thanks to Koala, my monthly content investment is far lower than it used to be. Now I have a much smaller cadre of writers using Koala followed up with editing.

Other details about my portfolio?  Gotta join the course. That’s where I put all the details.

Mediavine Screenshot

March 2023 Mediavine revenue

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