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Get the Most Out of Data-Driven Marketing

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Movable Ink scales content personalization for marketers through data-activated content generation and AI decisioning. The world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink to maximize revenue, simplify workflow and boost marketing agility. Headquartered in New York City with close to 600 employees, Movable Ink serves its global client base with operations throughout North America, Central America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Any marketer worth their salt knows that the key to creating revenue-driven campaigns is through data—after all, campaigns powered by data-driven personalization are the key to nearly 70% of customers’ loyalty. Customers tell marketers what they want to see through their data, and marketers that pay attention inevitably come out on top.

But data-driven marketing is easier said than done. From disparate information to inconsistent and manual practices, marketers often find themselves spending over 30% of their workday trying to solve data mysteries.

To unlock the treasure trove within their data, marketers need to consolidate and manage it effectively. By putting these key guidelines into practice, you’ll unlock your marketing superpowers in no time.

Data Consolidation

Most marketers have more data than they know what to do with via multiple channels and touchpoints. While this is an incredible opportunity, this information needs to be captured efficiently before the data trail runs cold. Remember, customer preferences rapidly evolve every day, meaning that key data points will only stay relevant for so long. The best way to manage this data issue is by consolidating.

Choose All-in-One Strategic Tools

To consolidate your data landscape, start by opting for tools that give you the most bang for your buck by eliminating redundancies and scaling efficiently for maximized ROI.

If you rely on multiple APIs to support your messaging, use marketing solutions that offer multiple in-house data points to deliver those experiences. If your customers love interacting with your brand via mobile, you’ll want a tool that can generate content across channels for a seamless experience.

Unify Your Data Practices

Consolidating tools is only the first step. Marketers must also optimize their marketing solution with unified data practices:

  • Consistent terminology isn’t a “nice-to-have.” For marketers to accurately measure campaign performance, they need the same terminology across the board. Otherwise, both strategies and attribution are liable to inaccuracy.
  • Organizing data types before your data is merged is crucial, especially when you’re collecting information from multiple campaigns and channels. Even better, look for a marketing solution that ingests and organizes data in one automated swoop.
  • Training team members is a non-negotiable to data-driven success. For longevity and effectiveness, marketers need to be on the same page and given standardized training.

Data Management

Managing data can feel like bailing water out of a leaky boat; you’re just trying to stay afloat with a few inaccurate data points, never mind moving forward with strategic, hyper-relevant campaigns. It’s time to bail out the unreliable data quickly and move onto bigger and better campaigns:

Prioritize Owned Data

While third-party data from outside sources is quick to acquire, relying on a bedrock of zero- and first-party data is the key to a lasting customer-brand relationship.

It’s more accurate and far more effective: zero-party data is information customers intentionally share with brands in exchange for a better marketing experience, and first-party data is what brands know about customers via direct interactions, such as web or mobile browsing activity. It’s straight from the source and an obvious win-win.

Automate Your Data

If it’s not automated, it’s not managed. Marketers have countless data points to keep track of, making it impossible to manage effectively without automation.

From collection to activation, marketers need to uncover the areas of opportunity where automation can create efficiencies in every step of the process, such as enhanced tracking, organizing, and segmenting of data. Otherwise they risk using data that’s already grown stale, missing their opportunity to resonate with customers.

Activate Your Data

Having access to consolidated and well-managed data can only get you so far. It’s what you do with that data that sets you apart from other brands. So, now that your data is primed and ready to go, it’s time to activate it into personalized content that’s effective across channels.

5 phone screens depicting a customer journey from left to right - data driven marketing example

In this mobile onboarding journey, the customer receives a product tour, personalized offers and recommendations, as well as a call-to-action to join the loyalty program.

In the above example, once customers download the branded app, they receive an initial welcome message that’s closely followed by a push notification featuring product recommendations. Over the next week, customers are kept engaged with notification opt-ins, personalized coupons, and loyalty program enrollments—the perfect place to continually collect zero-party data.

By consistently sending mobile messages fueled by powerful, organized data, customers are nudged further down the funnel. And with sophisticated tools that ensure a smooth experience from browser to mobile every time, marketers are able to automatically scale their data-driven mobile program.

Master Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is all about using customer information to create a better experience for both the customer and you, as a marketer. It removes the guesswork and helps marketers create one-to-one connections with customers and deliver valuable messaging across preferred marketing channels.

Efficient and effective data practices are the key to powerful marketing messaging that keep customers engaged with your brand.

To learn more about how you can take your campaigns to the next level, explore the Iterable partnership with Movable Ink and Movable Ink’s cutting-edge solutions.

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