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2023 Email Marketing Trends: Predictions from 20 Experts

Learn the 11 email advertising tendencies consultants imagine are going to be large in 2023.

2022 was a great yr for email, what with all of the disruptions on social media platforms, the rise of AI-generated content material, and ongoing enhancements in email applied sciences like AMP for email.

We’re anticipating 2023 email advertising tendencies to be much more attention-grabbing, particularly after asking 20 email advertising consultants what they suppose would be the large in 2023. 

Here are the email advertising tendencies and applied sciences they suppose will matter most: 

What: Creators have already been transferring their audiences to email in 2022 to take care of a worry of short-term social media bans and the drive to construct nearer connections. But 2023 might very nicely mark the change from forward-thinking individuals to most creators asking their audiences to attach through email — and even an viewers understanding of the necessity to take action.

Why: The finish of 2022 marked apparent turmoil with Twitter, but in addition questions on a U.S. legal ban on TikTok and a decline (or change) in Instagram’s algorithm and popularity. All that is leading to insecurity from those that depend upon social media for his or her advertising or livelihood.

“Marketers will wake up from their dream of social being their main channel in 2023,” says Mor Mester, Head of Content Marketing at EmailVendorSelection. “They’ll realize that email and SMS marketing together delivers much better results.”

What to do: If you depend upon social media advertising, work to transform your social media followers into email subscribers. This can embrace creating lead magnets and incentivizing your followers to choose in to your email listing. Test out methods to attach along with your social viewers on completely different channels.

“2023 is the year when creators need to choose a partner who does email as their thing, not as an add-on.”

Chris Vasquez, Chief Product Officer at AWeber

And be cognizant of the instruments you select on your email advertising.

“It’s time to stop trusting social media companies with your newsletter,” says AWeber head of product Chris Vasquez. “With Twitter shutting down Revue and Facebook shuttering Bulletin, 2023 is the year when creators need to choose a partner who does email as their thing, not as an add on.”

Mor Mester is the Head of Content Marketing at EmailVendorSelection. He has 5+ years of expertise in email advertising and advertising automation.

Chris Vasquez is Chief Product Officer at AWeber.

More companies will implement BIMI and DMARC for email authentication and model authority

What: Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a brand new set of verification on your emails alongside SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. When you have got BIMI enabled, a model emblem will seem within the inbox subsequent to your message.

Here’s what AWeber’s BIMI emblem appears like in an inbox:

AWeber email in an inbox with a logo circle. BIMI and DMARC are among the technologies shaping 2023 email marketing trends.

Here it’s on a cellular app:

AWeber emails in a mobile app inbox with a logo circle.

“2023 will be the year that businesses really start to take advantage of BIMI and its brand-enhancing benefits.”

Brian Westnedge, Sr. Director, Alliances & Partnerships at Red Sift

Why: BIMI will help increase your model’s visibility, construct model recognition, and reinforce belief. When readers see your emails of their inbox with a verified model emblem, they comprehend it’s not a phishing or spam email.

What to do: Get forward of the sport! Set up BIMI on your email area and stand out from the gang earlier than this turns into commonplace. Here’s what you’ll want:

  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication arrange
  • An SVG file of your emblem
  • Access to vary your area DNS

This Litmus blog post will walk you through the steps to get BIMI set up for your domain.

Brian Westnedge is the senior director of Alliances & Partnerships at Red Sift.

Email entrepreneurs will hunt down different metrics to open charges in a post-Apple MPP world

What/why: As of September 2021, any emails you ship to individuals who use Apple Mail are topic to Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). What does that imply? Well, for email entrepreneurs meaning your open charges seemingly seem increased — typically a lot increased — than they honestly are.

After a yr of sending emails on this post-Apple MPP world, entrepreneurs are discovering extra correct and necessary metrics than open charge to evaluate the success of their email campaigns.

“A major trend for 2023 is drifting away from basic metrics like open rates and toward more meaningful KPIs.”

Ann Handley, Digital Marketing & Content Expert

Ann goes on to say, “It’s partly pushed by new information privateness guidelines making open charges chaotic and unreliable. Yet it’s additionally pushed by our want to make use of email extra strategically.

I see my very own email publication ( as a nurturing instrument. So I monitor what I name the Open To Write Back Rate (OWBR) as a key indicator of engagement: How many subscribers hit reply and write again to me?

Why? It’s an necessary sign of engagement (AND ensures deliverability!).”

What to do: Identify the important thing metrics to trace success in your personal campaigns. Can you monitor success from clicks, gross sales from an email, or different engagement metrics? It may be time to encourage extra in-email engagement with AMP for email. 

Ann Handley finishes by mentioning that “email newsletters help build relationships and trust. In 2023, adjust your metrics accordingly.”

Ann Handley, chief content material officer at MarketingProfs, is a keynote speaker and Wall Street Journal bestselling creator.

More AMP for email utilization, particularly for transactional emails but in addition to create participating content material

What: AMP for Email is a framework to make your emails interactive and dynamic. You could make your emails interactive in some ways with AMP: Imagine a ballot you could take immediately in an email (with out navigating to a different web page) or a carousel that permits you to click on via a number of photos.

AMP for email has been round for years, however as extra ISPs begin to assist it — the latest being Yahoo in 2022 — email entrepreneurs will begin to implement it. 2023 might be the tipping level for AMP for email that brings into mainstream email advertising tendencies.

“Brands adopting solutions like AMP Emails will drive greater user satisfaction and provide a better experience for their subscribers.”

Matthew Vernhout, VP Deliverability (Americas) at

“Marketers will continue to focus on building consumer engagement in 2023. That means providing a seamless experience within the email message itself. Brands adopting solutions like AMP Emails will drive greater user satisfaction and provide a better experience for their subscribers.”

— Matthew Vernhout, of

Why: People are already used to interacting with polls, quizzes, and so on. on social media. It’s time they have been capable of work together with emails the identical manner. Plus, AMP for email will help you get extra clicks — offering one answer to the Apple MPP monitoring situation.

In addition to being enjoyable and interactive, AMP for email can also be helpful. AWeber Product Manager  and AMP knowledgeable Dave Stys foresees extra interactive AMP being utilized in 2023. 

“In 2023 I’m expecting interactive emails to really catch on,” Dave says. “The first place you’ll see them is in transactional emails like real-time order tracking and shipping statuses, product ratings and reviews, appointment scheduling, and subscription and account confirmation.”

AI image being generated in an email using DALL-E.
AI picture being generated in an email utilizing DALL-E.

Imagine monitoring the place a package deal is with out even having to go away an email. That’s just the start of what AMP for email can do. 

What to do: AMP for email is already accessible in lots of email service suppliers, together with AWeber. Set your account up for AMP for email and take into consideration which interactive parts make sense on your emails.

Dave Stys is an knowledgeable AMP for Email speaker and developer and product supervisor at AWeber.

AI help in content material creation like writing and pictures

What: If you’re maintaining on what’s new in on-line advertising, you have got most likely heard of ChatGPT. It’s an open-source AI writing instrument you could work together with prefer it’s an individual. AI writing instruments like ChatGPT, CopyAI, and Canva’s Magic Write have seen a surge in recognition. That has queued them as much as be one of many large email advertising tendencies for 2023.

“2023 might be a turning point for AI-assisted content creation. Canva’s release of Magic Write, based on OpenAI’s GPT-3, is a strong first step and a clear signal in that direction.”

Massimo Arrigoni, CEO at BEE

Why: “The role of an email specialist is becoming a hybrid of marketer, creator, and Master of AI Prompt Craft,” says Jordie van Rijn founding father of “AI tools can compose the perfect email, create summaries, propose subject lines, draft headlines, and create images as well. All while using proven copywriting formulas, the tone-of-voice and word count you tell it to. For organizations, this means that time spent on those tasks and the cost of email marketing can go down. Or the investment can go into other areas, like email marketing strategy and automation.”

“Some will probably experiment with AI-generated personalization on a scale,” says Radek Kaczynski, Founder and CEO at Bouncer. “However, those who will be the most successful will be the ones who use AI as an inspiration added to their knowledge of their recipients and their own intuition.”

What to do: If you wish to become involved with AI content material, it’s time to observe prompts. According to the consultants, the important thing to successfully utilizing AI in your emails is understanding what to ask the AI within the first place. Start working towards in ChatGPT now and you may develop into a “Master of AI Prompt Craft” in 2023.

But don’t fear an excessive amount of about AI taking your job. “As the barrier to creating acceptable content gets lower, people will want higher quality content,” says AWeber’s Chris Vasquez. “There are some things that AI can’t replicate, like analysis you get from proprietary data and experiments. For newsletters to gain and capture interest will require a shift from sharing generic information to specific things you’ve learned, or stories that you can tell that an AI just doesn’t know about.”

Increased optimization for darkish mode customers to enhance CTR and personalization

What: Dark mode is a show choice for apps, pc screens, and plenty of sensible gadgets that “flips” the colours — darkish background and light-weight textual content. Reading a display screen in darkish mode alleviates eye pressure and may scale back battery utilization.

Why: A current examine confirmed that 81.9% of smartphone users use dark mode! And since 81% of all emails at the moment are learn on cellular gadgets, it’s time for email entrepreneurs to start out optimizing. (Currently, solely ~5% of emails are optimized for darkish mode.)

“If you aren’t optimizing your emails for dark mode, 2023 is the year to get it done.”

Emily McGuire, Email Strategist at Atlassian

Plus, BEE CEO Massimo Arrigoni says, “Sending emails compatible with dark mode will boost your sender reputation.” That simply is sensible. Better emails for extra individuals will end in extra opens, clicks, and higher deliverability.

What to do: “If you aren’t optimizing your emails for dark mode, 2023 is the year to get it done,” says Emily McGuire, Email Strategist at Atlassian. “What does that look like? Outline transparent PNG images in white so they’re not lost on a black background. And use dark mode friendly colors for your text and backgrounds.”

Dark mode “switches” your email’s colours. So, along with outlining your PNG photos, select contrasting colours on your emails — like darkish grey on white.

Massimo Arrigoni is the CEO at BEE Content Design.

2023 email advertising tendencies in design

What/why: Every yr, the eye span and pursuits of readers evolves — and designers must evolve with it. Here’s what the consultants suppose will probably be large email advertising tendencies in design for 2023.

Rise of neo-brutalism design

“The neo-brutalism aesthetic has develop into an more and more fashionable development for email advertising.

Neo-brutalism is characterised by sturdy angles and geometric shapes to create an environment of sure energy and resilience. We’re seeing extra tech corporations undertake this design type – notably those that are searching for a cutting-edge method to their advertising campaigns (suppose Figma and Gumroad). They’re drawn to its daring angles, clear strains, and graphic parts that come collectively to supply an unforgettable visible presentation.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C tech model, if you’d like your emails to face out from all of the noise in your prospects’ inboxes, take into account embracing neo-brutalism as a design technique.”

— Rukham Khan, data-driven advertising fanatic, expertise researcher, and author at AllNewBusiness.

Example of neo-brutalism design from Figma:

An example of neo-brutalist design in a Figma email, which is one of two design-based email marketing trends listed here.

Source: Email Newsletter Examples

Rukham Khan is a data-driven advertising fanatic, expertise researcher, and author at AllNewBusiness. He believes belief ought to be the idea for all advertising communications.

Increased use of GIFs

“GIFs are going to be a real game changer in 2023. They offer a fun and creative way to grab your customers’ attention in the right place of your email and drive more conversions.”

— Annette Palmieri, BEE

GIFs in an email. One of our experts believes GIFs in emails are still hot enough to be one of the 2023 email marketing trends.

Video in emails

“In 2023, I expect more immediate brand adoption of the use of video in email, to deliver more authentic storytelling experiences and increased engagement in the inbox. The market will begin to showcase available email innovations, enabling video to automatically play in email for up to 60 seconds, without the need to click a link to go to a browser or a play button to deliver compelling experiences.”

— Lisa S. Jones, CEO at Eyemail

Lisa S. Jones is the Founder and Chief EyeMail Officer (CEO) of EyeMail Inc.

Easy-to-read templates

“The human attention span can be compared to that of a goldfish. If you want your content to convert, stay short and simple in your design. Avoid useless content and focus on what really matters to your readers (and your business). Grab attention and highlight what’s important with bold typography and emotive images.”

— Annette Palmieri, BEE

Design range

(*20*) reach-outs that contact on the intersection of brand name story and buyer want. These sample interrupts will encourage extra model engagement.”

— Nikki Elbaz

Email advertising in an financial downturn

What: There have been in depth conversations within the information all through 2022 a couple of potential financial downturn. That means two issues for 2023 email advertising tendencies: 

  1. Preparing your personal enterprise and advertising practices for a recession.
  2. Understanding your buyer’s altering wants throughout a recession.

Here’s what the consultants need to say:

“The 2023 Song of the Year is going to be the one called ‘Do more with less,’” says Lauren Meyer, CMO at Socketlabs. “With tighter budgets and less resources, email marketers will start squeezing every bit of insight they can from email performance metrics well beyond opens and clicks. It’s a year for doubling down on what is working, to the tune of better segmentation and optimizing inbox placement.”

“In an economic downturn email marketers are required to be highly reactive to business needs, without in most cases any additional resources,” says Dela Quist, Founder of Alchemy Worx. “I see the trend will be for smart marketers to take advantage of their ESP’s design automation capabilities. Features such as drag-and-drop email builders and well-stocked template libraries are a must if you want to deliver quick results. If you have them, use them. If not, look around.”

“As marketers, it’s important to understand how crisis may be impacting our customers’ needs and how we can address those needs in our marketing messaging and campaigning.”

Komal Helyer, award-winning CMO at Fractional

“When we are in an economic crisis such as a cost of living crisis, our needs can become more acute and pressing,” says Komal Helyer CMO at Fractional. “This can affect our behavior and our ability to make decisions. As marketers, it’s important to understand how crisis may be impacting our customers’ needs and how we can address those needs in our marketing messaging and campaigning.”

What to do: Take a take a look at your small business first. How are you able to higher monitor what’s really working in your emails? Then, focus in your prospects. What are their “must-haves” and how will you spotlight what you promote to assist them?

Dela Quist is Founder of Alchemy Worx the biggest email advertising company.

Komal Helyer is an award-winning Fractional CMO with over 20 years of expertise in email and digital advertising.

Businesses optimizing the shopper journey with expertise

What/why: When you sit down to put in writing an email, it’s straightforward to overlook all the interactions you’ve had along with your viewers. One individual might have purchased one thing from your retailer and gotten a number of transactional emails previously day. Another might have signed up for a lead magnet and are at present receiving your welcome emails. You might need simply talked to a 3rd on the telephone.

“In 2023, technology and aggregated data will give us a much better understanding of our customers and our relationships with them.”

Radek Kaczynski, Founder and CEO at Bouncer

What to do: Map out the potential journeys of your prospects and determine locations the place you may enhance your messaging, or ship extra or fewer emails.

Radek Kaczynski is Founder and CEO @ Bouncer, an skilled deliverability knowledgeable and e-mail verification advisor, and a believer in the potential of bettering human to human e-mail communication.

Technology consolidation — utilizing as few platforms as potential for what you want

What: With platforms like AppSumo continually engaging you to strive new instruments, you will have discovered your self utilizing a large number of applied sciences for various duties. According to our consultants, one in every of 2023’s email advertising tendencies would be the yr of consolidating your advertising expertise (martech).

“One of the big trends that I think everyone should be focused on in 2023 is making sure that every organization fully understands their current martech strategy.”

Spencer Kollas, VP, Client Partner at Merkle

Why: “A seamless user experience will save people’s time and improve their focus,” says Radek Kaczynski, Founder and CEO at Bouncer.  “For example, email marketing or marketing automation solutions might integrate with the best email verification API… and provide powerful email verification functionalities inside.” 

What to do: Take a take a look at the advertising instruments you already use. Which of them has probably the most performance? Can you exchange a landing page builder or link-in-bio instrument along with your email advertising instrument?

Bonus to look at: Yahoo’s top-of-inbox email navigation

Keith Kouzmanoff, postmaster at is watching out for improvements in Yahoo’s inboxes. He says, “Yahoo announced in October 2022 a new email layout streamlining images, attachments, reminders, orders, subscription services, gift cards and more. It is called top-of-inbox email navigation and it looks very promising. 2023 looks like a new email interaction for end-users.”

Keith Kouzmanoff is senior email postmaster at

What do you suppose the most important 2023 email advertising tendencies will probably be?

What do you suppose goes to be the subsequent large factor in email for 2023? Leave a remark beneath👇!

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