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Data collection made easy! Build forms that captivate and fuel the dynamic customer journey

At ActiveCampaign, we understand the significance of gathering and organizing contact information effectively. With our user-friendly forms builder, you can effortlessly create online forms without the need for coding expertise. Our forms builder has been widely adopted by businesses, enabling them to design a wide range of forms including contact forms, surveys, order forms, and more, to collect valuable data and feedback from their audience. 

But that’s just the beginning, we have exciting plans on the horizon for our forms builder. You will start to notice incremental changes in the next few months. These updates will pave the way for us to provide even more value to you. Stay tuned by following our blog as we embark on this transformative journey together with each milestone. 


We’re dedicated to enabling you to create stunning forms that perfectly align with your brand. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter forms and embrace a new era of customization. Get ready to make a powerful impression and captivate your audience as we continue to innovate and enhance our forms builder. 

Laying the groundwork

We’re laying the groundwork for the upcoming updates, ensuring a smooth transition and a solid foundation for the improvements to come. 

From simple to sophisticated forms, make it yours! 

We’re simplifying CSS customization for forms. — Coming Soon!

This is one of many incremental improvements you will soon see in our forms builder. Stay tuned to see other upgrades we’re bringing to forms, customize with fonts, field types, buttons, and more to empower you to deliver an on-brand experience that captures high-quality leads and unlock audience growth. 

Don’t miss out on the latest form updates. Stay tuned to this blog or visit our product updates page for more!

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