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Never Run Out of Content Ideas (10 Proven Methods)

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Creating content that has the potential to reach the masses can be challenging in this polarized world. But there are tons of ways and tools you can use to generate content ideas for your blog, podcast, Instagram, or YouTube channel

I have created a system to never run out of ideas for creating content consistently for my business. And the system is based on these 10 proven ways to help rocket your content with consistency. Sounds exciting? Let’s get started right now. 

Top 10 Ways to Find Tons of Content Ideas

These top 10 proven methods are surefire to help you find tons of content ideas for your online assets.

1. Enjoy H-Supertools’ Keywords Tool for Free

I have created H-Supertools to help you never run out of content ideas for your blog, YouTube channel, and more. It’s a free digital marketing tool that gets the data directly from Google, and that’s why it’s reliable too. 

H-Supertools Keyword Research Tool

If you have a blog, hover over to SEO and then choose ‘Keyword Research Tool.’ Enter your niche or seed keywords to get tons of relevant keywords. Create content around them. Go for the YouTube Keyword Tool on H-Supertools to get ideas for your YT channel. 

For example, I typed ‘online business’ into the tool and came up with over 175 related keywords.

Questions Explorer by H-Supertools

Either you can copy all these keywords as tags or export them to a CSV file to use them whenever you run short of content ideas. Isn’t it awesome?

2. Benefit from AnswerThePublic 

AnswerThePublic is my favorite tool for content research because it shows the results based on the human psyche. Discover what people are asking about in your niche. And create content based on those ideas. That’s a surefire way to build your audience with content marketing. 


I like this content research tool because you can search in different languages for different countries. AnswerThePublic offers you content ideas mapped out in images and tables that can be downloaded in CSV format. 

AnswerThePublic Content Ideas

And what I don’t like is that it’s a paid tool after you try it for 1-2 keywords in a day. After that, you need to pay from $99 to $399 per month, depending on your plan. Go for it if that’s okay with you. Or else use free-forever “Questions Explorer” on H-Supertools, which helps you find the questions people are asking on the net. 

3. Explore Q&A on Quora

Quora is not just a Q&A site without a doubt. It’s a hub for people to discuss ideas as well. And it can be a goldmine for anyone looking for content ideas, especially for B2B platforms. According to SimilarWebs, Quora attracts over 577 million users every single month. 

Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Make Money Fast With Quora Ads Banner
Make Money Fast With Quora Ads

And that is mind-blowing traffic without a doubt. Your audience is already there searching for something. All you need is to listen and create content to help your audience solve their problems seamlessly. Here’s what you can do to get content ideas for your blog, YouTube channel, or more. 

  • Follow (or create) relevant Space (Quora’s community groups)
  • Ask the right questions to get ideas directly from your audience
  • Repurpose your questions and answers into another form of content
  • Scroll questions and answers on Quora for content research

Quora is a fantastic resource to find tons of ideas for your online ventures without a doubt. It is up to you how you benefit from the platform. I always use the platform to share my knowledge and learn even more. And if you already don’t know, it’s free forever and ever!

4. Ask Your Audience

If you’re doing something online for some time now, you must have an existing audience. Ask them what they want to read, watch or listen to. There is no doubt that your audience can throw out tons of unique ideas that are practical and profitable for you as well.

Ask your audience for content ideas

I have created a way for you to share your content ideas with me to create content around them. Hover over to ‘More’ on H-Educate and click ‘Topic Suggestion.’ Enter the title and share your idea right away. Also, you can search for other’s ideas as well. 

For example, one of my lover readers proposed creating a tutorial on creating a website like H-Educate. And here you go, I made the one on my YouTube channel:

Knowing your audience is probably the most profitable strategy in any business. And it’s even more true in the digital business world. Encourage your audience to share their ideas with you so that you can create content for your social media channel or blog. 

5. Get Content Ideas from Google Search Console

Google Search Console doesn’t only let you know the impressions, CTR, or clicks. It also allows you to know the keywords related to your niche that people are searching for. But they’re unable to find the content on your site for several reasons.

Google Search Console

First, maybe you haven’t optimized your content for the query. Second, you’ve not created content based on the keyword suggested by Google. To find tons of ideas that are ready for traction, go to ‘Search Traffic’ and choose Search Analytics. 

6. Get Inspired from Competitors

If you are looking for content ideas that your audience wants, get inspiration from your competitors. They actively create content, and thus should you. For example, I always get inspiration from YouTube channels by Neil Patel or Brian Dean. 

Competitor's Analysis on Ahrefs

I don’t copy and paste the content ideas but offer my personal experience and insight. Don’t steal the content from your competitors; get inspiration only. If you have a blog, you may want to analyze your competitors on SEMRush or Ahrefs. 

You can also get tons of ideas for creating your blog around the top pages of your competitors. It has a vast potential only if you offer better value and target low competition keywords if you’re starting. 

7. Find Content Ideas on Forums like Reddit and more.

Do you want to create valuable content that people want to engage with? Start by listening to your audience first. And the number one reason is to explore forums related to your niche. General forums like Reddit will also help. 

For identifying forums related to your niche, go to Google and type ‘YourNiche+ forum.’ For example, I will search ‘email marketing forums’ if my niche is email marketing. The result page will show tons of forums about it. 

get content ideas from forums

If you’re unable to find a particular forum based on your niche, create one. There may be an excellent opportunity for you here. If you don’t know how to create a forum, here’s the free course I’ve created for you on my YouTube channel:

If you’ve got your forum or a place in a general forum like Reddit, explore it. And you’ll find tons of ideas for creating content for your social media, YouTube, or blog. 

8. Get Content Ideas by Sharing Your Story

Do you believe you have nothing to create content around? Well, create content around your experiences, then. That’s what I do most on H-Educate’s blog and YouTube channel. I am a big fan of testing new ways to make money online.

After the testing, I always create a YouTube video and a blog post to reveal my learnings and earnings in the form of a case study. Sharing your internal data with your audience is a wonderful idea to create content around. Let me give you a few examples here now. 

Here’s the takeaway; share whatever you do in an organized way. 

9. Repurpose Your Content for Different Platforms

If you have an audience, you must have created some content for that. Repurpose your existing content for some other platform. What does it mean? Well, it means adapting the content for different media. It’s a brilliant way to reach a new audience without much effort. 

For example, you can repurpose your blog post for Quora or Instagram. Or you can do the same for creating ebooks in your niche. This way, you don’t have to start from scratch, you already have content, and you only need to stylize it accordingly. 

Think about the ways you can create content based on your existing content. Here are a few ideas you can implement right now.

  • Create webinars or video tutorials
  • Come up with slides or presentations
  • Make guides based on old blog posts
  • Shorten your content and tweet it on Twitter
  • Share case studies using your internal data
  • Create infographics based on your old content
  • Conduct interview based on already existing content
  • Broadcast a podcast based on your YT video or article
  • Find related questions on Quora and answer them eloquently
  • Visualize your content and make it ready for Pinterest or Instagram

And honestly, you can go on and on with repurposing your content. I always repurpose my YouTube videos to H-educate’s blog posts and vice versa. Even this blog post was repurposed from this YT video:

BuzzSumo is a terrific tool to quickly discover content ideas, uncover insights, and identify passionate influencers in your niche. It means that the platform is a one-stop solution for online marketers like you. 

When you visit BuzzSumo and enter your seed keyword into the search bar, you get results based on popularity. You’re guaranteed to see the freshest content possible on the internet. And thus, you can also create content around it faster than most people. 


This is what I found when I searched for ‘email marketing’ on BuzzSumo.

Use filters to find the exact content or influencer you want to get or create for your business. Once you find a content idea, don’t just copy and paste it into your blog or social channel. Get inspiration from it and create something of your own. 

Let me summarize and repeat these proven ways to generate tons of content ideas for blogs or any other platform.  

Summary on Never Running Out of Content Ideas

There are tons of ways you can use to create content ideas for your blog or social channel.

Content Ideas

Here are 10 proven ways you can use to never run out of ideas for creating content:

  1. Enjoy H-Supertools for free
  2. Benefit from AnwerThePublic
  3. Explore Quora and other Q&A sites
  4. Ask your audience for ideas
  5. Get inspired by your competitors
  6. Search for forums related to your niche
  7. Share your personal experience in the form of a case study
  8. Repurpose your content for a different platform
  9. Find viral content on BuzzSumo

That’s all for now. Which of the methods do you like the most? What are your ways to generate ideas for your online venture? Share them in the comments below. 

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