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AI and Cross-Channel Marketing at Activate Summit ’23

Less than one week from today we’ll be kicking off Activate Summit 23. From April 17-19, we’ll have two and a half days of events, content, networking, conversations, and some fun that bring thousands of people together to make something they all love better: marketing.

In particular, Activate Summit is about making the customer experience better. And in the modern age of marketing with high customer expectations and increasingly personalized experiences, two of the best ways to improve your marketing are through AI tools and cross-channel experiences.

So, as you look through our stacked agenda—seriously, we’re so honored to showcase the speakers in this year’s agenda—we thought it might be helpful to give you a sense of what you can expect to learn about these important technologies and the strategic ways you can use them.

AI and Cross-Channel Sessions at Activate Summit

Mind Meets Technology: Next Wave of AI and the Science Behind Motivation

Activate Summit is a hybrid event with a free virtual option for those unable to make it to San Francisco. As a special treat, we’re kicking the first day of sessions (April 18th) off with a virtual-only session hosted by Europe’s most booked female innovation forecaster, Shivvy Jervis.

In a time when AI is still nascent enough that we’re unsure how to meld technology with the human, Shivvy is going to bring findings from her renowned innovation lab to discuss exactly how human-centered AI and advancements in human psychology come together to elevate our marketing. No better way to get your ideas flowing from the start!

Unpacking AI Beyond the Hype

Shortly after Shivvy takes the virtual stage, the first in-person session featuring Iterable CEO and Co-founder, Andrew Boni and special guests from Vimeo, Strava, and GitLab keeps the energy high.

Continuing the theme of bringing the technology and human together, Andrew will kick this session off highlighting the advancements made by marketers to get us to this point while Iterable Sr. VP of Product Management, Bela Stepanova closes the opening keynote with a look into where the Iterable platform is going to make AI and cross-channel marketing easier for marketers around the world.

In the middle, Iterable CMO Adriana Gil Miner will be hosting a CMO panel highlighting how leading brands are adopting these new technologies and developing strategies around them. 

Who better to cut through the hype than four marketing leaders?

Iterable Product Showcase

For those of you that have been to Activate before, welcome back. We missed you.

But also, you know better than most that the Product Showcase is the session to go to if you’re curious about technological advancements. Here, the Iterable Product team takes the stage to give a never-before-seen glimpse into the newest features available to Iterable customers.

Hint: there’s a reason it’s in this blog post and we’re very excited about it.

Mastering Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite

The last year has seen a veritable cornucopia of AI features added to the Iterable platform. You can read about them here, but wouldn’t you rather hear about them straight from the source? With visuals? And the chance to ask us a question directly?

That’s what this session is for.

Maximizing Customer Engagement: The Power of Multiple Messaging Channels in Marketing

It’s not all AI all the time though! Our incredible friends at Sandboxx are taking the stage to walk you through their journey towards cross-channel marketing excellence. From their challenge, to their strategic approach, all the way through how they created a cross-channel experience in Iterable, this session has it all for cross-channel, beginners, intermediates, and experts.

How to Include AI as Part of Your Marketing Team

Last in this blog, closing out the conference, but certainly at the top of the list in our hearts, Denys Kapush from Columbia Business School is joining the Activate speaker family to talk about the different ways he’s seen marketing teams begin using AI.

Working across industries, business sizes, and geographies, Denys has seen a variety of ways AI has been brought into marketing and is ready to share the secrets with you.

An Agenda Built for CYOA

We’ve built Activate Summit to make the content a sort of choose your own adventure experience. AI and cross-channel are prevalent—heck, these aren’t even all of the sessions that cover those topics—but we also cover data activation, zero- and first-party data, agile marketing, recession-proof marketing, winback campaigns, and migrations.

It’s all there and it’s all happening April 17-19 at Activate Summit. Whether you’re able to be in person in SF to say hi, or watching online, we can’t wait for you to hear from these amazing speakers.

Seats are filling up quickly, so if you can make it to San Francisco, we’d love to see you! Register here. If your home office is more your style, that’s ok too. Virtual registration is here.

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