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7 Learnings From Iterable’s Summer European “Vacation”

While the thought of a European vacation makes some Americans of a certain age reflexively say, “Look kids! Big Ben. Parliament,” Iterable took the concept of a European vacation and added a little spice.

Over the course of the last few months we’ve made stops in Berlin, London—for Activate Tour—and Cannes to connect with new members of our community, make a few announcements, and learn a little along the way.

Since you likely weren’t with us for the whole trip—as much as we’d love to take you with us everywhere—we’ve compiled a few of the best takeaways from our three stops on #EUSummerVacation2023.

Tote bags with the iterable logo organized on a swag table

With all the swag, attendees may have needed to check a bag on the way home.

London, Berlin, and Cannes

1. Complex challenges like creating personalized journeys across multiple languages and geographies requires out-of-the-box thinking. In Berlin, Amanda Ramsahal, Customer Engagement Manager at DFDS, spoke about how she partnered with Iterable’s Solutions Architect team to come up with creative solutions to modern problems.

2. The quickest way to connect is by being where your customers want you to be. London saw an announcement of global proportions as we unveiled Global SMS, Locales, and our EU data center to make it easier to be where your audience is…across the globe.

3. Bringing an established brand into the digital age requires hyperfocus on the customer journey. Volvo Cars told our Activate Tour London audience how their transition to a D2C model meant they needed to look at what each customer needs in their search for that perfect car.

Speakers on a stage, actively presenting to a crowded room.

Carlo Maraschin from Volvo Cars talking about keeping customers engaged in their new journey.

4. Experimentation can yield insights previously thought impossible Dani Gonzalez, CEO and founder of dgtl fundraising, presented how they improved the experience for over 15% of users by testing messaging and send times to find the right fit for each customer.

5. Meanwhile, Cannes emphasized the influence of Gen Z and how brands need to frame their mindset as trusting Gen Z while also appealing to them.

Presentation at Cannes showing a slide that reads "joyful connection, entertainment & realness create trust."

Trust is the key to joy.

6. In a time of seemingly endless digital noise, it’s easier than ever to also ignore it all. Engagement is about making people want to listen to you by adding value to their experience.

7. Finally, Cannes made us feel inspired with one final message: Dare to be creative! Creative brands are the ones who succeed the most.

This wasn’t the first time we made our way to Europe in a big way and it certainly won’t be the last. In fact…there may or may not be more to come in the next few months. (Stay tuned!)

But in the meantime, our trip left us feeling hopeful about a more connected world—one that is creative, individualized, and trusted. Next time we’ll be sure to save a little extra time, though, to see Big Ben and Parliament.

To stay in the loop for all things Activate Tour, be sure to check out our upcoming events.

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