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How I went From ZERO to $30K in 90 Days With AI (No-bullshit Guide) | by Hasan Aboul Hasan

The Step-By-Step Guide (This is what should you do Now)

Even if AI is trending for the next few years, you should act fast, as the competition will increase soon, so NOW is the right time!

Step 1: The Idea πŸ’‘

Your first step is to find an Idea for a simple AI tool.

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Where do you get ideas for your next AI tool?

Well, the internet is an endless basket of inspirations. Check out platforms like ProductHunt, AppSumo, FutureTools and other AI aggregators. Identify paid AI tools and consider building a Lite-free version of them. πŸ‘€

You can also use your Brain, your creativity, your Imagination!

Think about a simple tool that can help people be more productive, and save time with the help of AI!


  1. A tool that summarizes a YouTube Video
  2. A tool that converts a blog into multiple tweets
  3. A tool that searches the web for content Ideas powered by AI
  4. A tool that removes backgrounds from images with AI.

Sometimes, the tool can be a simple but powerful prompt! Maybe like this one:

As an expert Medium post copywriter, your goal is to create an engaging 
and potentially viral Medium post from the provided bullet points or draft.
Please follow these guidelines to transform the draft into a captivating
and shareable piece:

1. Incorporate humor where appropriate, ensuring relevance and suitability
for the content.
2. Thoughtfully and sparingly use emojis to reinforce the tone and message.
3. Maintain simplicity, directness, and conciseness, avoiding fluff and
complex language.
4. Write in a universally intelligible English to appeal to global readers.
5. Follow this post structure:
- Title: Craft a clickbait title that sparks an emotional reaction from readers.
- Subheading: Formulate a subheading relevant to the title, making the
post more intriguing.
- Hook: Compose a captivating 1-2 sentence hook that stimulates readers
to continue reading.
- Paragraphs: Ensure paragraphs are brief, engaging, and
impactful for readers.
- Quote: Conclude the post with a relevant, motivational,
or inspiring quotation associated with the topic.

Include headings, subheadings, and lists when applicable, aiming for
a visually appealing and easy-to-read format. Your response
should exhibit flexibility, accommodating a wide array of
topics and drafts while adhering to the essential principles
of crafting an attention-grabbing Medium post.

Using the provided draft, convert it into an engaging
and shareable masterpiece that heightens reader engagement
and encourages further conversation.

Input draft: [draft]

This prompt converts an outline into a medium post to help people post more content on Medium and grow online fast.

Secret: I use such prompts when I write my posts, but of course, I edit and add my own touch!

Step 2: Build The Tool πŸ”¨

Did you get the idea? Perfect βœ”οΈ

It is time to build the tool. You have 4 options:

  1. Find a ready-made script: check codecanyon for scripts. You may find what you are looking for there. But make sure to rebrand the script.
  2. Use No Code Tools: you can easily use tools like to build AI tools fast and without any single line of code.
  3. Build Your Self: Instead of wasting time watching youtube shorts and TikTok videos, go and learn how to build online tools. Check out this YouTube Channel. It helps.
  4. Hire a Developer: if you have some extra cash to invest, you can always hire a developer to do it for you.

Step 3: Publish and Host Your Tool Online 🌐

Consider hosting options such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, or Google Cloud. These platforms offer free credits to help you launch your project.

  • DigitalOcean offers free credits for 60 days.
  • Vultr offers 14 days of free credits.
  • Google Cloud Offers ~$300 free credits for 1 year

There are many options like this: you can launch your project 100% free and scale it later.

You can also use some affordable VPS services like Contabo, where you can start with ~$8 for a 4Core-8GB server.

I use Contabo to run PromoterKit, which has more than 1M monthly page views. It is a great service.

Step 4: Push Your Tool to AI Aggregators πŸš€

With your tool ready and your website live, it’s time to give it a megaphone.

Here are some AI aggregators to publish your tool on:

Tip: πŸ“£ Promote your AI tool on Reddit, Twitter, and Medium to boost growth.

Step 5: Monitor your Gold rush πŸ“ˆ

Keep an eye on your website, keep pushing it, and your site will start growing in a few months.

Once your website gains traction, money flows in. Monetize it or sell it. Use tools like Flippa Estimator to help estimate its value. πŸ’Έ

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